Your Book- and Equipment list - Year 4 - 2022/23

Artikelnummer: BS CJD_IS Year 4

Below you find all required books and materials ready for purchase.

The books we order in the UK have a longer delivery time. All pre-orders placed by 31/07/2022 will be delivered in time for the start of school. The school management has been informed.

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BS CJD IS Workbook list Year 4

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This list contains all workbooks for the next school year.
(Diese Liste enthält alle Bücher für das nächste Schuljahr.)

  • 978-0-19-836632-4
  • 978-1-4718-8463-4
  • 978-1-471-88421-4
  • 978-3-96081-054-4
  • 978-3-425-14481-8
BS CJD IS Equipment list Years 4-5

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This list contains all materials for the next school year.
Marked blue: *) Please select an option.
**) Please check if the item is still available.

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Kids do not need ballpoint pens and ink erasers.
Please make sure that all equipment is labelled with the name of your child.

Please bring along from home (a purchase of these items is not possible here):
  • small backpack for sports with a pair of trainers (which have to be suitable for the sports hall)
    (kleiner Sportrucksack mit einem Paar Turnschuhen (die für die Sporthalle geeignet sind)
  • sports kit: t-shirt (white), shorts (blue) /
    (Sportausrüstung: T-Shirt (weiß), Shorts (blau))
  • 2 pairs of slippers / (Hausschuhe)
  • sandwich box / (Frühstücksbox)
  • sealable drinking bottle / (verschließbare Trinkflasche)