Fantastic Flyers

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An activity-based course for young learners. Teacher's Book with DVD and Delta Augmented

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Fantastic Flyers is the third in a three-level course for young learners and is aimed at children aged 10-12. It is an ideal preparation course for the Cambridge Young Learners English Flyers Test. Fantastic Flyers links to the Cambridge Flyers Test in the following ways: It is based on the Flyers syllabus for 2018 and contains vocabulary and structures listed in the Flyers syllabus and provides listening dialogues which are similar to those in the test and practices all test-paper types It includes a full sample Flyers Test It makes learning English and preparing for the test fun! Fantastic Flyers also offers: A wide variety of motivating activities, aimed at engaging pupils' natural interests and enthusiasm to help them learn English. An emphasis on speaking and listening with reading and writing introduced in a natural progression Extensive recycling and revision of key language.